The 6 Coolest Moments at our Model Search Winners’ Boot Camp Phase 2

Boardwalk’s Model Search Boot Camp’s second phase was about lessons and #goalz shared by two of the industry’s top models Peter Norrdell and Justine Gabionza.

Read on to see how this part of the boot camp put the “cool” in school.


Reveal of Models’ Brand Assignments

The models got a preview of things to come when their photos were put alongside the brands that they were assigned to represent.


Peter Nordell’s Shoulder-relaxing Maneuver

Modeling veteran Peter Nordell got everyone, even the non-male models, to improve their posture with his lift-roll back-rest maneuver.  

The models sure learned a thing or two from their model mentor.


Female Models’ Intense Runway Workshop

For almost two hours, Justine Gabionza trained the girls on how to put their best foot forward for the camera and on the runway.


The Justine Gabionza Walk

Justine wore a flowy top that complemented her commanding runway walk. Big yet elegant strides. Quick yet graceful steps. Strong yet alluring expressions.


Afternoon Ice Breaker

After having a scrumptious lunch, a fun round of The Boat is Sinking perked everyone up for the next activities.

Wait a minute! Do we have some budding love teams here?


About Face

After the Social Media Ambassadorship and Modelling Courses, celebrity makeup artist Leo Posadas gave a quick masterclass about makeup and grooming for both males and females.

Let’s admit, even the guys do benefit from a bit of *magic*.

Stay tuned coz we’ll keep you posted on the next phase of our Model Search Winners’ Boot Camp!

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