The Buff Man of Libmanan: Mohan Francisco

Hobbies: I am a gym buff. I can stay in the gym for hours! I started in 2009 because I felt I was not fit enough, and I wanted to feel good about myself. I became a model at age 20, then at 26, I started to gain weight again because I stopped going to the gym. Now I’m back in the gym to try and get back in shape!

Special talents: Very few people know that I can dance cha-cha and other ballroom dances. I was taught how to dance them by my lola. I can also sing.

Favorite thing about where you’re from: I love reminiscing about the good memories when I was growing up and the way of life in Libmanan, Camarines Sur, especially the things that my grandparents taught me.

Dream place to live in: I would still want to stay in the Philippines. This is where I grew up, made friends, and my family and loved ones are all here. There’s no place like home. Even if I go abroad to travel, I would still come back to live here.

Wildest dream pet: I took care of doves in the province before, and even when we moved to Pasay five years ago. I still want to take care of them, because they always come back home even if the go away for a while.

Favorite iconic movie line:Kahit butas ng karayom papasukin ko.” – Fernando Poe Jr.

Celebrity look-alike: Gerald Anderson. I agree, to a point… I have pictures where I do look like him!

Local celebrity idol: Still Gerald Anderson! He’s a good actor and I appreciate him, especially now that he’s matured in his field.

If you’re not modeling what would your career be?

I’d probably be a gym instructor. I just love to be in the gym!

How did you realize you wanted to be a model?

I knew ever since I was in elementary! My friends from the province always tell me that I would make a good model or actor someday.

What positive impact do you want to make as a model?

Having an influence as a model, I want to promote cleanliness and order—whether in the house or in the community. I can inspire people and take the lead, so that we can have healthy surroundings and prevent people from getting sick. I’m a clean freak at home! I can clean the house for hours.

What was your reaction when you found out you won Boardwalk’s Model Search?

Thankful and happy! This is the second time I’ve won a model search competition. I’m thankful for the people who believe in me and gave me the opportunity to inspire people again.

Boardwalk style is…

Durable, comfortable, and has good designs at affordable prices! I’m talking about their underwear, especially! I also like the clothes, even if they’re for plus-sized men, I still feel comfortable and fit in them–not big at all.

Favorite Boardwalk piece?

The underwear!


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