The Polo Shirt: Dad’s Ultimate On-the-Go Style

Dads, as heads of their families, are always on the go, busy with their many roles and duties. With Fathers’ Day just around the corner, make sure that daddy, papa, itay, tatay and tatang still look their best while being their superdad selves.

Appreciate everything they do with the ultimate daddy shirt: the polo shirt!


Mojo polo shirt

Who needs superheroes when we have dads? Watch him save the world — or at least save mom from heavy traffic—in this bold red shirt.


Valrex polo shirt

Any dad will surely appreciate styling tips from his cool anak. Use this black piece to keep him looking slim and dapper.


Mackenzie polo shirt

Remind itay how gwapo he is with an equally pogi striped shirt.

Now go make your dads feel how much you love and appreciate everything they do! Happy Father’s Day gift-giving!

Comment below the number of polo shirts that your father has!


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