The Secret Life and Style of Boys

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. But when it comes to boys of the twenty-first century, kicks are the means by which we learn to decode their intricate personalities.

Take a peek at the shoes that the classroom cutie is wearing and get an idea on the kind of stuff he might be into!

The Clark Kent

Torigon shoes

Seeing him in this pair might make him seem a bit shy and uptight, but you just know he has a fun and naughty side too, right? You’ll find him at the library or along the hallways promptly making his way to class – catch him if you can! Hey, at least you know he’s responsible.

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The Will Stronghold

Wolly sneakers

The iconic sneaker style is the typical boy-next-door’s go-to. His favorite food is probably the usual cheeseburger from the fast food everybody goes to after school. But somehow this ordinary boy just exudes an extraordinary vibe – the one that keeps you glancing at him in class. Probably his million dollar smile?

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The Troy Bolton

Burtscher rubber shoes

Seeing him dribble across the court and shoot that three-pointer just makes you want to know everything about basketball. He probably has a number of these kicks in his closet, and who can blame him? He looks amazing in them.

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The Patrick Verona

Farvon sneakers

He’s cool. He’s a bit of a bad boy. He gets good grades even when it seems like he isn’t paying attention in class. These low-key shoes make a statement and sure help keep your gaze on him.

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