The Ultimate Touring Outfit

There are times when being the adventurous girl would take its toll on you. There would be getaways where you’d have to choose between style and practicality, ruining your planned #OOTD for the trip.

Well, fret no more, girl! Here’s an outfit that you can wear while enjoying the great outdoors! The pieces of this look were made to suit exciting souls just like yours, so you can take on whatever adventure in style.

Rumiz jacket, Rayia top, Glaudie jeans, Afarah sandals, Arichel bag, Andromaeda sunglasses, Chando wristwatch, Iseul hat
  • Go out in style whatever the weather in the sleek and alluring Rumiz jacket.
  • If you’re the bubbly type in the barkada, the Rayia top would fit you well when you’re out with the group.
  • Feel free to move in a flexible pair of Glaudie jeans! Wear a combination of fashion and comfort.
  • The Afarah sandals scream adventure with its natural aesthetics; its design will give those busy feet of yours comfort while you’re out on the road.
  • What’s a trip without something to carry all of your stuff in? The Arichel bag is perfect for just about any trip, making sure that your bag is just as trendy and fun as your personality.
  • Be hip on every trip! Show off your bongga side with the trippy Andromaeda sunglasses.
  • The Chando wristwatch is a must-have for every travel buff. If you want to step out in style, a classy timepiece is always essential!
  • To complete your bonggang outfit from head to toe, grab a hold of the Iseul hat that makes you give out that bubbly aura for the day. Spread some sunshine, sweetheart!

This ensemble is perfect for that head-turning, outdoor gal look we’ve always been longing for. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being a little too extra anywhere you go!

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