This Air Purifier Has SIX FILTRATION Tools to Keep You and Your Family Safe

Boardwalk Air Purifier, Air Purifier, Air Purifier Philippines, Air Purifier For Sale UV Air Purifier

The pandemic forced everyone to stay at home and this lessened traffic and transportation, leading to less air pollution thus air quality improved. 

Inside the comfort of your home, the air quality can also improve. With the virus being the microscopic size it is, you can never be too sure if it’s already floating inside your home. Air purifiers can help eliminate allergens, such as dust, pet odor, and even reduce carbon dioxide levels in your homes. But let’s get it out there, air purifiers are EXPENSIVE.

Luckily, the Boardwalk Air Purifier is perfect for mommies scouting for an efficient air purifier, while keeping to a family-friendly price. Our air purifier has been trusted by dentists and doctors for their clinics, and we’re sure you need one in your home, too! The 6 Filtration System is super value for money!

These 6 filters clean a lot of harmful microorganisms (dust, pollen, cooking odor) in every filter level and end up letting out clean air!

Boardwalk Air Purifier, Air Purifier, Air Purifier Philippines, Air Purifier For Sale UV Air Purifier


The Pre Filter 

Cleans out the usual home dust, pet fur, and human hair. 

Activated Carbon filter

Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. The activated carbon in the air purifier wipes out the air emitted by cars, cooking after-smells, and harmful, second-hand smoke

HEPA Filter

HEPA means High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters trap 99.7% of particulates (molds, bacteria, viruses and pollen). 

Cold Catalyst 

The Cold catalyst is a low-temperature and low-absorption catalyst. It catalyzes the decomposition of organic compounds in the air with oxygen to produce water and other substances that are harmless to the human body. This achieves the elimination of harmful bacteria and carcinogenicity at normal temperature. Volatile organic compounds are bad odors are also eliminated here. 

UV Light 

Ultraviolet Light is a known virus and bacteria eliminator for centuries. This filter cleans your whole house, making it virus-free. 

Negative Ions

The purifier creates negative oxygen atoms, otherwise known as ions. The air purifier then releases the ions into the surrounding atmosphere thereby creating fine dust, removing bad odor and viruses. 

Boardwalk Air Purifier, Air Purifier, Air Purifier Philippines, Air Purifier For Sale UV Air Purifier

The New Normal Collection of Boardwalk offers a product that has a lot of benefits: 

  • It can clean the air inside your home
  • Keeps your home free from air pollution and foul orders
  • It also had a built in ion generator that neutralizes air pollutants such as dust, pollen and smoke for cleaner this.
  • Supplier tests have shown that this air purifier has a 99% purification rate!

Aside from the multiple benefits it offers, it’s also super affordable! Get yours for only P6,999! So what are you waiting for? Clean air is the way to go! Purchase your own Boardwalk Air Purifier and keep your homes fresh and sanitized! Send us a DM to order or know even more about this!

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