Three Modern Brigitte Bardots and Equally Sensual Fragrances

Brigitte Bardot, also known as B.B., was an important figure in the 1950s and the ‘60s. She was a popular French actress, singer, dancer, fashion model, and was even an animal rights activist. Aside from her talent, she also exuded a very sexual appeal, which gave her the moniker, “sex kitten.”  In other words, nasa kanya na’ng lahat, girl.

She’s a mirror of women today, especially with her being known for liberation. She’s not all pa-sexy–she had been involved in some political arguments, and she’s an innovator in fashion as well, with the Bardot neckline and the Bardot pose named after her.

Now we’ll have a take on who we think represent the B.B. aesthetics well enough, and on the sideline, a collection of scents which will help you remind of the flair and intensity that is Brigitte Bardot.


Here’s the German actress and model Claudia Schiffer who emulates the enigma of Bardot with her alluring appeal. The Seduce cologne is a perfect fit for this type of women.


Lara Stone, a prolific Dutch model, gives out the aura of Brigitte’s fierce, young, and adventurous personality, and wearing the Moment perfume will definitely help capture these personalities.


Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen embodies the grandeur of Brigitte Bardot, and radiates the exquisite womanly features that made B.B. the icon that she is. The Kiss perfume lets you share that vibe that only a few can attain.

Personalities like Brigitte Bardot celebrate the wonders of being a woman, and the right choice of perfume for your wardrobe helps a lot in finding your confidence so you can be the best woman you can be.

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