Top 10 Behind-the-Scenes Moments with Alden for Boardwalk’s Holiday Getaway

For the holidays, Boardwalk went up the beautiful hills of Tagaytay to spend some time with Alden as he showcased Boardwalk’s Holiday Getaway collection. We got to ask him about how he spent his holidays, what things he would want to get, and what makes Christmas complete for him.

It’s always a fun shoot when Alden is around, that’s why Boardwalk loves having him! For this holiday season, let Boardwalk take you with us behind-the-scenes with Alden and experience how kulit he can be! Here are the top 10 moments we loved during our shoot at Tagaytay:

10. When Alden arrived and fanboyed a lil over the swanky prop car


9. When the heat got to Alden and made him do an epic mukhasim


8. When he showed us he truly can do it all by vogueing out


7. When he got just a lil bit conscious about his (non-existent, tbh) tummy


6. And when he needed a touch-up because omg oily na

Here he’s whispering, “Oily na, oily na, oily na, oily na…”


5. When the hectic life of a Pambansang Bae caught up on him and he just couldn’t help but crack a yawn


4. When his energy was just at an all-time low (how can he still make his tulaley face cute?)


3. When he found a way to perk himself up


2. When he just kept going at it


1. When he proved that shoots don’t have to be a dull affair at all!

Spend more time with Alden over the holidays on the Boardwalk Facebook page!


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