Wallets for Holiday Shopping

Isn’t it one of the damnedest things, having to accessorize, men? I mean, men don’t wear jewellry, men don’t wear makeup, and men sure don’t care for fancy bags, purses and clutches!

Well, it’s always been function over fashion for bros, but that doesn’t have to be true all the time. Check out these wallets as the -ber months kick in to look extra dapper while swiping that card and slapping that cash on the counter as you shop the holidays away.


Sinjon wallet

Go tonal and keep it straightforward with this brown and black leather wallet.


Dune wallet

For you rakista dudes who haven’t let go of your 2000’s grunge look, this wallet is perfect to show your punk style.


Umah wallet

Keep it sleek and simple with this classic black leather wallet.


Hesperos wallet

For the boho boys who like never want to let go of summer despite the chilly weather, this wallet is perfect for you.

Which of these wallets would you get? Let us know in the comments below!


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