What Watch to Wear When

Some boys keep closets full of sneakers and rubber shoes, while some women keep closets full of bags. Others keep collections of caps while others hoard heels. But everybody keeps a number of watches in their drawers; metal ones, silicone-strapped ones, leather-strapped ones, plastic ones, waterproof and fit for a sporty day out, or even ones linked together with charms.

Like your best pair of classic denim jeans, it’s always nice to have a go-to watch for everyday use, but what exactly is the best watch to wear whenever you do your thing?

Leather watches best fit the young professional who loves to hustle the corporate world even on a slow Monday morning. The classy straps that buckle together seal the smart casual look that just tells everyone you’re going to kill that next presentation with the boss.


Rios watch

This leather watch with a bronze face will surely help you strut your stuff across the office. Be careful with leather-strapped watches though, their material requires a little extra care. Make sure not to get it wet!

Metal watches give that same put-together professional look without requiring as much attention to maintenance while providing a little extra touch of elegance with the light glint of steel. Metal watches are a good choice for your everyday office timepiece.

This watch is perfect if you don’t want to compromise your punctuality while you go out with you boys at the skate park or hang out at the mall.

Watches with synthetic plastics for straps provide more flexibility and functionality. Because of the durable material, these watches are usually water proof or water resistant.

Pecari watch

This black and white watch has a digital display that shows you the time at a glance. The orange accents provide the right amount of subtle color to keep things interesting.

Because they are designed to function, watches with synthetic materials for straps are usually equipped with multifunction faces. Get your adventure on with multifunction watches!


Marrick watch

This watch comes with an alarm and a timer and displays the date, day of the week and the time in both digital and analog displays. Neon yellow accents act as reflectors and help ensure your visibility in the dark.  

Functionality doesn’t have to compromise sophistication. Get that wink of steel with a multifunction watch that’s set on a steel frame.


Hardel watch

Pull off a nautical look with this watch that has a compass around the frame. The soft synthetic material of the band is perfect to feel secure even when you splash around at sea.

So are you more of a plastic or metal watch wearer? Hit us up on the comments below!


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