What’s In for Kids

Have you ever doubted when the right time is to give your pamangkin the perfect set of clothes? It’s quite easier to pick the right ones for you, or even your kid if you have one, but what about your ever-adorable niece?

We bet that that’s just why you clicked this link in the first place. But never worry, ‘cause you’re at the right place! Today, we’re going to give you some tips and pegs on how you’re going to unlock this next phase of being a full-on Tita: the fashionista gift giver! Here are some trends that kids are surprisingly into:


Warm-colored apparel

Garkhin shorts

Since we’re seeing a comeback of ‘90s fashion, why not make your pamangkin a Bruno Mars Finesse era look-alike with a set of vibrant-colored theme?


Dainty long dresses

Vernia dress

Who said that long dresses are only for tanders? There’s a reason why these pieces are going back to the frontline of fashion too. We’re sure that the elegance provided by long dresses would perfectly match your little lady’s cheerful innocence.


Sweet layered frocks

Medel dress

If you’re fully convinced that long dresses are in, but too boring for you or your pamangkin’s taste (oohh, too extra at a young age, eh?), then go for these layered dresses! A combination of elegance and adventure wouldn’t hurt anyone.

There we go! If you ever are in dire need of Tita fashion advice again, be sure to check out our social media pages, and this blog! We’ve got all kinds of fashion materials that will definitely satisfy you.


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