What’s Your Jeans Personality?

A surefire way to nail the casual cool look usually involves jeans. All prominent casual clothing brands have this wardrobe staple in multiple styles. This denim style has been reinvented so many times that we couldn’t even keep track.

We’ve rounded up some chic time-tested styles. Find out which one complements your personality.

Arangia jeans, Alyeska blouse, Malmsteen slip-ons, Goldfinger watch

Light Cropped Jeans for The Dainty Darling

Be your sweet self with touches of pretty colors and textures like gold accents and feminine lace.


Morizza jeans, Britonie shirt, Levar slip-ons

Classic Indigo Jeans for The Laid-back Lady

You make the most of versatile pieces with practical textures and classic silhouettes.


Vanora jeans, Rofolla tank top, Monzikova pumps

Slim Gray Jeans for The Sexy Sister

You always exude understated confidence. A basic pair of skinny grey jeans already does the trick.


Lidara shorts, Deirosy shirt, Burl slip-ones, Halifa belt bag

Distressed Jean Cut-offs for The Quirky Queen

“Less is a more” doesn’t apply to you! It’s all about a playful palette and peculiar pieces.
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