Will Ashley Shines Bright in Style

Child stars have all the luck at a very young age! Their confidence is improved with fun projects, a well-honed work ethic, and styling lessons!

Will Ashley, Boardwalk’s 9-year-old cutie, has definitely been getting his charm and style on with the brand. Just look at how he adorably reps our apparel! No wonder he’s been chosen for projects like Niño, Alyas Robin Hood, and Destined To Be Yours.

Check out our fave #BWOOTDs of his from his IG, @willashley17.

He’s quite the charmer in his stylish statement tee.

You know you’ve got that It Factor when t-shirts look extra on you!

The Will Ashley bandwagon has #AshersOFC, #WillASHERS, #SoWill and many other fan groups.

Showing us how it’s done in head-to-toe Boardwalk apparel.

He aces the fresh and clean look effortlessly.

He also likes to mix it up with fun prints.

Do you like his cute boy-next-door style? Let us know on the comments below.


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