Your Go-to Holiday Shirt

Why overthink and end up overdoing your Christmas party outfit? Low-key fresh looks are where it’s at this year. So before the year of the chill ends, pull off a perfectly chill Christmas vibe with this polo-shirt!

The Brighton shirt sells for PHP 379 (PHP 399 in VisMin). It’s available in green, red, and yellow, and so many other colors if you want to get crazy this Christmas.

You can be the mysterious guy in green, meeting your girlfriend’s family for the holidays. You can be the nice boy-next-door in yellow, while making mano your ninangs and ninongs in the hopes for maybe some aguinaldo. You can be the life of the party in red with your mates at the barkada Christmas party – all while keeping it casual.

Christmas costume party? No problem.

Pin on some ornaments and you’re immediately what completes the holidays.

Brighton polo shirt


Wrap yourself in some twine and ribbon, and you can pass yourself off as The Gift when you forget your present to your monita.

Brighton polo shirt


Put on a bit of glitter and be the star of the season.

Brighton polo shirt


This shirt… is all the shirts.


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